Technical Differences are
Qualitative Differences

Kumsung Tsc Brand

KUM SUNG TSC was established in 1997 as injection factory in packaging materials for cosmetic with only three injection machine.

  • Basic Series
    Kumsung TSC Line 1

    KUMSUNG’s basic line is made of simple, beautiful curves and mysterious colors.

  • Single Cream Jar Series
    Kumsung TSC Line 2

    It is a single cream series product line that shows KUMSUNG’s outstanding printing technology.

  • Powder Series
    Kumsung TSC Line 3

    The powder product line, which is refined with the hand of the craftsman, can be distinguished from the existing products.

  • Airless & PP Series
    Kumsung TSC Line 4

    It is an airless line that can feel the beauty of the viewer who is produced in depth.

  • Pact Series
    Kumsung TSC Line 5

    It is a fact product line that gives a glimpse of KUMSUNG’s unique technology.



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